Get involved with your student union! Come out to their events or better yet, help plan them. Visit their websites or email them for more information.

Dance Student Union

Presidents: Jenna Kraychy and Kayla DeVos
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Film Student Union

President: Kellen Jackson
Vice President: Suzanne Friesen

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Music Student Union

President: Kat Siu
Vice Presidents: Daniël Meyer, James Fraser, Lee Cannon-Brown

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Theatre Student Union

The TSU is a student union formed through the Simon Fraser Student Society [SFSS]; we represent theatre students within the structures of the university, specifically within our faculty [FCAT] and the greater student body.

President: Deneh Cho' Thompson       

TSU Website

Visual Art Student Union

Chairs: Alex Hill, Oscar Lira Sanchez

Alumni Reflections

"The music program at Simon Fraser University is absolutely unique and absolutely the way of the future. Forward-thinking in the extreme, its finger is right on the pulse of the art world today: perfect for a learning creative mind. Its innovation is only matched by its openness – during my time there, I was only ever encouraged to dream big, and it's because of the motivation and inspiration from my wonderful teachers that I've accomplished what I have. The school is just 'different' – ask any artist and they will tell you that's a very, very good thing." 

James O'Callaghan (BFA Music 2010) and Composer in Residence for the National Youth Orchestra of Canada

sca works

  • Trailer: SC∆TTER
  • Ascension
  • 144
  • Dropping Out
  • You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet