Get involved with your student union! Come out to their events or better yet, help plan them. Visit their websites or email them for more information.

Dance Student Union

Presidents: Jenna Kraychy and Kayla DeVos
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Film Student Union

President: Kellen Jackson
Vice President: Suzanne Friesen

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Music Student Union

President: Kat Siu
Vice Presidents: Daniël Meyer, James Fraser, Lee Cannon-Brown

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Theatre Student Union

The TSU is a student union formed through the Simon Fraser Student Society [SFSS]; we represent theatre students within the structures of the university, specifically within our faculty [FCAT] and the greater student body.

President: Deneh Cho' Thompson       

TSU Website

Visual Art Student Union

Chairs: Alex Hill, Oscar Lira Sanchez

Alumni Reflections

'The best thing about the Art and Cultures Studies program at SFU is that it is taught by a group of professors who have honed their curiosity, and who know how to inspire and support the inquisitiveness of their students. During my time in the program, I was not only allowed creative leeway to chase after my own particular interests, but I also found plenty of kindly placed challenges to lead me to new ideas. The commitment the professors have to breaking ground with their own work made them exciting teachers.'
Barbara Adler (B.A. in Art and Culture 2006), spoken-word poet, The Fugitives

sca works

  • Trailer: SC∆TTER
  • Ascension
  • 144
  • Dropping Out
  • You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet