Sculpture and live video performance. Madou night market, Tainan, Taiwan. The Taiwanese idiom – Expired calendars for sale / 過時賣日曆 – describes a person that missed out on a good opportunity or without good timing.

Anchi Lin 林安琪: Read Between the Lines

SCA BFA alumni Anchi Lin / 林安琪 is having a solo exhibition, Read Between the Lines, at the Red Brick Craft Centre in the Tsung-Yeh Arts and Cultural Centre in Tainan, Taiwan. For this exhibition, Lin says she "I researched and collected a series of forgotten local idioms," which she translated into a series of new works. Here's more context from her website:

Many Taiwanese idioms are unknown by the younger generation, who are increasingly less able to communicate fluently with elders sharing these casually communicated idioms. The idioms combine visual narratives, history, and action. These qualities and my connection to the language inspired me to collect local idioms during my residency, and incorporate the method of ‘literal translation’ to imaginary visuals. For example, “One grain of rice takes three buckets of water” suggests excessive use of resources to produce something we regularly waste; consequently, I extended this concept to my practice by sourcing only existing used materials to reuse in the creation of my pieces. I combine video, performance, and installation to re-interpret my relationship with the idioms. This exhibition reflects my generation’s disconnection with knowledge from the past, and growing awareness of waste; culminating in an overarching theme of reuse and reflection.


Read Between the Lines opens July 4, 2019 at 10AM, and the exhibition runs until August 25.

For more information about Lin and her work, visit her website.