Art and Text at Indian Summer

This year's Indian Summer Festival, a consistently inspiring and interesting arts and culture festival facilitated by writer, producer, and cultural curator Sirish Rao, featured a collaboration with the students in a "special topics" class lead by the SCA's Allyson Clay. Titled Art and Text: Myth and Rupture, the class asked students to address "the political, social, and historical contexts of textual art practices," and to critically examine "the myths and narratives that mediate and structure our contemporary lived experiences." Art and Text: Myth and Rupture culminated with a class-wide project to produce a collection of canvas and wood lawn chairs that used the canvas seats of the chairs to present text-based artworks. The chairs were part of PAUSE In the Park, Indian Summer's "first ever full outdoor programming hub," which hosted diverse public programming at the site of the village of sən̓aʔqʷ (pronounced Sun’ahk), currently known as Vanier Park.  

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All images: Indian Summer Festival.