Nancy Li, Vienna Wong, Shannon Lin, and Bronwyn Pollock in “Lumiere” – choreographer Brett Palaschuk, composers Daniel Blackie and Eli Saltzberg, lighting designer Margery Liu. Photo by Asad Yahya

Ascension: Intimate Conversations

The Dance Current has posted a thoughtful review of this year's Ascension event, the annual interdisciplinary collaborative production by undergraduate SCA students across the school, by SFU sociology student Jade Qiu. Addressing the five dance pieces and two short films that made up the performance, Qui notes that, "No element of Ascension felt gratuitous: the unembellished studio, stage and costumes all point toward an intimate simplicity. Yet through this aesthetic of minimalism the program showcases the maximalist sincerity of its creators." Congratulations again to Charlotte Telfer-Wan, the hard-working Artistic Director for Ascension, and all of the other students involved in this year's production. Read Qui's full review HERE.