Cindy Chan and Cross Li, reporting from the Or

Here are two thoughtful reviews written by SCA students who are 'summer interns' at Vancouver's Or Gallery.

First is a review by Cindy Chan of a project by the Vancouver-based Argentinian interdisciplinary artist and educator Guadalupe Martinez, featuring her "ongoing research process" CUERPO, which for this iteration included Stephanie Bueno, Chipo Chipaziwa, Luciana D’Anunciacao, Sai Di, Jane Ellison, Jelena Markovic, Sunny Park, Angelica Poversky, Vanessa Richards, Dalia Shalabi, and Yasmine Whaley-Kalaroa. Read Chan's review HERE.

Second is a review by Cross Li of the 12 Sun Songs LP, a 2009 'artists' record' project by the SCA's Kathy Slade and Brady Cranfield, which Li keenly (and accurately!) describes as a "celebration of the sun through pop songs." Read Li's review HERE.

If you're an SCA student and would like to do an internship with a local artist or performer or arts organization, earning course credits as well as valuable experience, contact the SCA's Professional Development Coordinator at Find out more HERE