CMA Journal on Slowness

Issue Four of the SCA's Comparative Media Arts Journal is now live, featuring contributions by Antonio D'Amato, Marina DiMaio, Justine Kohleal, Yani Kong, Minah Lee, Michelle Martin, Ian McFarlane, and Phoebe Todd Parrish.

Departing from Lutz Koepnick's On Slowness: Toward an Aesthetic of the Contemporary (2014), the theme of the issue is "slowness." As contributer (and SCA MA candidate) Michelle Martin asks to open the issue, if slowness is "an aesthetic strategy that reveals the present in all its manifoldness, as the co-presence of multiple temporalities or the compression of time compounded ... what else might it produce? Amidst "rapidly developing cultures of populism in North America and beyond," editor and contributer (and SCA PhD candidate) Yani Kong echoes Martin's question, offering slowness as a deliberate "counter-strategy" to slow the "present moment" in order to "ask what may accumulate in moments of pause, delay, or introspection." Together, the aim of the issue is to "look at slowness across the arts to recast the present as an interval of generative duration."

Read Issue Four HERE.