Debby Friday's Death Drive

SCA MFA candidate Deborah Micho's Death Drive EP, produced under her music-making alias Debby Friday, received a solid review on Pitchfork, who also shared the slamming cut, Tear the Veil, as a 'featured track.' Listen to it here:

In Beyond the Pleasure Principle, Freud expanded on Russian psychoanalyst Sabrina Spielrein’s concept of the “death instinct,” describing what he saw as an instinct-like drive or compulsion towards decomposition, destruction, and death, or Thanatos, which works in tense opposition to Eros, the life instinct. Noting that these "twin forces consume the music of Debby Friday," Michelle Kim, Pitchfork's reviewer, argues that Micho's EP underscores "the similarities between brutality and desire, love and carnality."

You can read the full Pitchfork review HERE, hear more of Debby Friday's music on her Sundcloud page or website, and read Freud's Beyond the Pleasure Principle online HERE.