Emerging Researcher: Eldritch Priest

L to R: Arne Eigenfeldt, Eldritch Priest, Ellen Balka.

Congratulations to the SCA's Eldritch Priest for being recognized by the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology with a Research Award as this year's Emerging Researcher, which comes with a prize of $1,500. The FCAT Research Awards were given out at an event hosted by Ellen Balka, FCAT's Associate Dean of Research, on December 3, 2019, at SFU's Diamond Alumni Centre.

Here's what FCAT News has to say about Eldritch and his many research achievements:

Eldritch was recognized for his outstanding artistry and research on sonic culture, experimental aesthetics, and the philosophy of experience from a pataphysical perspective.

  • Eldritch was successful in his first application to a SSHRC Insight Development Grant as a principle investigator, titled “Wandering Refrains: The Daydream Imaginary in the Contemporary Arts and Culture”
  • He has presented 10 refereed conference papers, co-organized 8 conferences, and was invited give 3 non-refereed lectures
  • In 2018, Eldritch published “Earworms, Daydreams, and Cognitive Capitalism” in the prestigious journal Theory, Culture, & Society
  • He has one solo book publication, a co-authored book, one peer-reviewed article, a book chapter, and has done international and local performances as a composer and improviser
  • Some of Eldritch’s other publishings: “Auditory Hallucination,” and “The Sonic Egregor.” Unsound: Undead, edited by Toby Heys, Steven Goodman, and EleniIkonaidou (Falmouth: Urbanomic, March 2019) – Co-written w/ DavidCecchetto, Marc Couroux, and Ted Hiebert | “Listening to Nothing in Particular in Contemporary Experimental Music.”
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