Faune Ybarra's DIY Creativity in the Maker Space

Here's the first from a great 5-question profile on the ArtStarts in Schools' site with SCA MFA student Faune Ybarra, who is an RBC Emerging Artists in Residence this year in ArtStarts' Maker Space. Operating since 1996, ArtStarts is a charitable organization that operates in schools to expand "the role of art in education to activate learning and nurture creativity in British Columbia's young people." We're 100% in support of that agenda! It's worth checking out their SITE for all the opportunities and resources they offer for artists, teachers, and families, which includes a lot of ongoing work and programing.

In the meantime, here's Question and Answer 1 from the profile:

1. Tell us about your artistic practice! Where did art start for you?

Faune Ybarra: "It started in Oaxaca, Mexico, where I am from. There, the first memory I have is walking down the stairs to the living room to look at the dust specks ambling across the couch as the sun enveloped everything in a golden atmosphere. I always liked staring at what was around me and trying to remember the textures, the shapes, the lighting. Growing up and up until now, I have moved in and out of places quite frequently. My art practice focuses on documenting and interpreting what is around me as a way to understand my (new) environment as home. I identify as a time-based artist as it is the media that allows me to integrate the process of making the work as part of the work itself. I have a special regard for people, tools, spaces, flora and fauna that allow me to work and learn from them as I focus on a new project."

Read the rest of the profile HERE and check out Faune Ybarra's site HERE.