Judy Radul, THIS IS TELEVISION, 2013, 16mm film, colour, silent, 10 minutes, 8 seconds. Installation view, This is Television, Daadgalerie, Berlin, Germany, 2013.

Judy Radul: This Is Television

The SCA's Judy Radul released a book in December, 2018, co-published by DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program and Sternberg Press, developed out of her eponymously named 2013 exhibition, This is Television, at daadgalerie, Berlin, which was her first solo exhibition in Germany. Here's how Sternberg Press describe the book on their website:

This Is Television addresses the increasingly obsolete medium of television by way of the medium of the book—by extension commenting on media’s continuous changes of form and format. Through an interplay of theory and artistic research material, the book extends Judy Radul’s ongoing investigation of media with an idiosyncratic perspective on television—while still feeding off collective experience. The book thematizes television as a cultural container, both in its format as a “box” for content and as an ideologically saturated apparatus for reception. With sections titled Craig, Oral History, Moon, Display, Landing, End of Analog etc., the book charts our identification with specific media and a nostalgia connected with the obsolescence of technology. Springing from a desire to engage intermedia form by way of a book about television, and to commit to the ambiguity of its title’s announcement, This Is Television is organized around three central chapters: “This,” “Is,” and “Television” are individually interpreted in newly commissioned essays by Honor Gavin, Ana Teixeira Pinto, and Diedrich Diederichsen, with additional short texts by Judy Radul.

The book is available to order directly through Sternberg Press now. See more work by Judy at the Catriona Jeffries website.