Yi Xin Tong, Animalistic Punk – Fish (2018), Jacquard tapestry, galvanized metal tube, steel eye bolts, 63.5 x 134 x 3 inches

Keeping up with Yi Xin Tong

Yi Xin Tong, Red Panda Pavilion Cleaner Installation (2018), ink on paper, 15 x 21.5 inches

SCA alumni and current Term Research Faculty, Yi Xin Tong, is having a busy season. He's part of the exhibition Adrift: Cao Yi, Li Qing, Yi Xin Tong, and Zhao Zhao at Chambers Fine Art, New York, which opens January 24 and runs until February 23, and in the BRIC Biennial: Volume III, South Brooklyn Edition, which opens February 7 and runs until April 7, at BRIC House, Brooklyn.

BRIC Biennial: Volume III, South Brooklyn Edition presents artists living and working in South Brooklyn, including the neighborhoods of Park Slope, Gowanus, Sunset Park, and Bay Ridge, highlighting the significance of Brooklyn as a place where artists create work and develop their careers. The 2019 BRIC Biennial offers a look at how artists envision “The Impossible Possible.” Rather than reflecting our current state of affairs, their work looks inward, whether reflecting the sphere of the personal or some alternate reality.

Adrift: Cao Yi, Li Qing, Yi Xin Tong, and Zhao Zhao examines the current urban landscape of China with megacities unimaginable in scale just a few decades ago, through the work of four young artists intimately familiar with this period of rapid change. The four artists presented in this exhibition do not directly reference the urban transformation of China – rather, their experiences growing up and now working within this environment provide a set of viewpoints that is unique to their generation.

In addition, Double Spiral Dotted Line, Tong's first permanent public art installation, was completed last fall in Jiulong Village in Fujian Province, China.

To find out more about Yi Xin Tong and to see more of his work, visit his website: tongyixin.com.