Phoebe Huang's The Dream Home 0.5

SCA visual art BFA grad Phoebe Huang is the British Columbia winner for the 16th annual BMO 1st Art! Competition, chosen by the 2018 Selection Committee of Sarah Robayo Sheridan (Curator, Art Museum at the University of Toronto), Adriana Kuiper (Artist and Associate Professor, Mount Allison University), Hugues Charbonneau (Director, Galerie Hugues Charbonneau), and Naomi Potter (Director/Curator, Esker Foundation). Congratulations! Phoebe's winning work, The Dream Home 0.5, was originally presented as part of the BFA Graduating Exhibition 2018: EVERYTHING MUST GO. Here's how Phoebe contextualized her work in the brochure for that exhibition:

Two reclaimed Canadian military bases that are part of a redevelopment project of federal lands deemed unusable by the government, but profitable for commercial or residential uses.

Griesbach Barracks, now Village of Griesbach, is my family home and a former Canadian Forces base in Edmonton, Alberta. It became a project-neighbourhood marketed as a residential village, “committed to ensuring the legacy of the lands to which it is entrusted.” (Village of Griesbach Website)

Jericho Lands, a former base for the Canadian Department of Defense, is undergoing the same development mandate to produce a profitable site for future investment. The consultation around the use of Jericho Lands is an ongoing discussion amongst participating parties. The construction of homes reveals a complex matter.

For whose ideals are we developing? The notion of the ideal is relative, yet generalized as something we all seem to be pursuing. How is it constructed?

Constructed by building pixels on a stage set of house models
that trajects future spaces and places
rendering photogenic designs of architectural drawings
labelling floor plans to make room to cocoon in,
walls for us to walk, jump, produce, and to shop
for blueprints,
after blueprints.
after blueprints.

Find out more about the BMO 1st Art! Competion HERE.