Skoden in the news

Logo image by Samaqani Cocahq / Natalie Sappier

SCA film students Grace Mathisen and Carr Sappier (above, right and left) are the co-initiators and main organizers of the inaugural Skoden Indigenous Film Festival, which runs June 1, 2019, here at SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts. Skoden includes the work of BC-based Indigenous filmmakers and talent, ranging from student film-makers to established artists like Lisa Jackson (Savage), Amanda Strong (Biidaaban), Dana Claxton (Her Suger is?), Jules Arita Koostachin (OChiSkwaCho), and Trevor Mack (Clouds of Autumn), presented over two programs of short films, followed by an awards ceremony and after party.

Getting behind the scenes, Mathisen and Sappier sat down with Alison Wick, the Arts Editor at SFU's The Peak newspaper, to talk about their organizational work together, their hope for the festival, the politics of representation, and the challenge of reconciliation. Read the whole exchange HERE. More coverage about the festival by the Peak can be found HERE, and SFU News also did a quick introduction to the festival HERE. Outside of the SFU context, Mathisen and Sappier also spoke with the Georgia Straight and were interviewed by APTN National News.

Congratulations, Mathisen and Sappier!  

Find the full schedule for the Skoden Indigenous Film Festival HERE and go HERE to purchase tickets (Salmon $0 / Bear $5 / Raven $10 / Coyote $20). Don't miss it!