Some SSHRC for SCA

Faculty at the SCA have recently been awarded significant funding from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC) for their work. Claudette Lauzon was awarded an Insight Grant (2018-19 Competion) for her project "Art, Surveillance and the Drone Imaginary: A Critical Study" and Sabine Bitter and Eldritch Priest were both awarded Insight Development Grants (2019-20 Competition). Sabine Bitter will be working on the project "Performing Spaces of Radical Pedagogies" with her co-applicant June Scudeler, who's an Assistant Professor in SFU's Department of First Nations Studies, and her longtime artistic collaborator, Helmut Weber, who is also part of the "cultural research collective" Urban Subjects with Bitter and Jeff Derksen (Dean and Associate Provost, SFU Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies). Eldritch Priest will be working on his project "Wandering Refrains: The Daydream Imaginary in Contemporary Arts and Culture." Great work, everyone!