The SCA in Vines

Once again there is excellent SCA representation at the 'East Van' based Vines Arts Festival (August 7 – 18, 2019), which describes itself as "a free public event that creates platforms for local artists and performers to create with and on the land, steering their creative impulses toward work that focuses on the environment – whether a deep love of nature, sustainability, or climate justice."   

SCA related performers include: Anjela Magpantay (Theatre Artist), Anya Saugstad (Choreographer), Carmen Wong (Multidisciplinary Artist), Davey Samuel Calderon (Theatre Artist), Elisha Wang (Interdisciplinary Visual Artist), Eowynn Enquist (Dance Artist), George Rahi (Multidisciplinary Artist), Haylee Marx (Interdisciplinary Artist), Jana Ghimire (Visual Artist), Janielle Reid (Music Artist), Jen Aoki (Dancer/Choreographer), June Fukumura (Theatre Artist), members of New(To)Town Collective (Performance Artists), Phoebe Huang (Visual Artist), members of Raven Spirit Dance (Dance Artists), Samantha Priya Wright (Performing Artist), Shion Skye Carter (Performance Artist), and Tomoyo Yamada (Interdisciplinary Artist). Amazing!

Behind the scenes is Katrina Robinson, who is an intern this year with the festival, and Ivan So, a former intern, designed this year's poster. And – of course! – Vines was created by Heather Lamoureux, who is also its Director.  

Go HERE for the full festival schedule and for bios of all of the artists.