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Student Directing Projects

A Begging Devil | The Singing of the Stars

10 November 2016 – 11 November 2016, 7:00pm
Studio T, SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 West Hastings Street, Vancouver BC

Student Directing Projects

Please join us for the first of three sets of SCA Student Directing Projects performances. Each night offers two different plays, all nights are free.

Matt Winter (director): A Begging Devil by Bertolt Brecht
Nina Boosheri (director): The Singing of the Stars by Ahmad Ibrahim Al-Fagih

Matthew Winter on A Begging Devil

This process has acted as an interrogation of these social forces: patriarchy, sex, class/status, religion, public opinion, and family. A loosening of theatrical conventions has allowed Marina Buston, Tobias McFarlane, Evan Medd, Mischa Shadloo, and myself, to dive deeper into Brechtian theories with play and rigour. The gift of having Brecht's written work still be so relevant presents us with the opportunity to tackle these sometimes historically cyclical topics with passion and purpose. The beauty of this work is the performers’ opinions and views on the social forces being explored. It is a work that asks for critical eyes and vocal opinions and this holds great value. A Begging Devil acts as a reflection and demonstration of what IS occurring.

Nina Boosheri on The Singing of the Stars

The Singing of the Stars was written by Ahmed Ibrahim al-Fagih, directed by Nina Boosheri, and performed by Arthi Chandra and Pascal Reiners. The show plays with an unraveling circumstance, the revelations that follow, and the personal shifts that take place when humans become desperate. 

Directing Projects
Artistic Director: Steven Hill
Technical Director/Production Manager: Celeste English
Assistant Technical Director: Jocelyn Kim
Production Stage Manager: Kaitlin Stoneman
Publicity: Terra Deng

Lighting designer: Ivy Cui
Assistant lighting designer: Sharon Ho
Costume: Melody Li
Stage manager: Shahlla Karmali
Assistant Stage managers: Howard Dai & Nicholas Ree
Apprentice Stage manager: Mandy Sunnerd
Head Electrican/ Operator: Diana Bartosh
Head Sound/Operator: Parmida Saedian
Head Carpenter: Meaghan Cate


The Singing of the stars (Nina Boosheri)
Arthi Chandra
Pascal Reiners

A Begging Devil (Connected & Directed by Matthew Winter)
Tobias MacFarlane
Mischa Shadloo
Marina Buston
Evan Medd