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Grey Matter

Carl Winter's MFA Graduating Project

16 May 2018 – 16 May 2018, 8:00pm
4th Floor, Room 4365 (The Sound Stage), SFU Goldcorp Centre for the Arts, 149 West Hastings, Vancouver

Grey Matter

Composer/programmer and SCA MFA candidate Carl Winter will be presenting his graduating project Grey Matter, a 45 minute, 4-movement suite for string quartet, Disklavier (Yamaha’s automated piano), and interactive 4-channel electronics. Grey Matter explores the neural/psychic deterioration of the body with the aging process as well as social alienation in the age of mechanization/digital technology, and poses the following questions: Will creative and performing artists become obsolete with accelerating automation and artificial intelligence, like is feared for so many other professions? Will technology bestow upon us a utopian or dystopian future? Conceived with symmetrical harmonic processes, the work layers and juxtaposes sequentially diminishing harmonies (and diminishing performance personnel) with contrapuntal procedures. Alluding to a wide range of historical sources – as disparate as Joseph Haydn, Robert Schumann, Charlie Chaplin, Kurt Vonnegut, Lee “Scratch” Perry, and Spike Jonze – the work culminates with a ghostly collage of Bachian and Lisztian material, feeding back and reverberating through circular 4-channel electroacoustic diffusion.

Tina Park (violin)
Ken Lin (violin)
Genevieve Mackay (viola)
Laine Longton (cello)