Apply to the SCA

Welcome to the online application form for the different program areas in the School for the Contemporary Arts (SCA).

Part one of the form (this page) asks for your name and contact information, information about the program area and semester you're applying for, and your current education level. After submitting part one, you'll be automatically directed to part two of the form on another page, which lets you upload the necessary documents the program area you're applying for requires. Please review the different SCA program area's specific application requirements and deadlines on our Undergraduate page before you begin.


All prospective students must apply to SFU prior to applying to the SCA. These are two seperate processes – (1) applying to SFU and (2) applying to the SCA – that must be done in order. Shortly after you fill out the SFU Admissions form, you'll be given a 9-digit reference number (eg. 303333333), which you'll also need to apply to the SCA.

You can find SFU's Admissions Requirements HERE

You can Apply to SFU online HERE

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the SCA's New Students Advisor at


Applications for the FILM AREA are now CLOSED.


SCA Application Form: Part One