MFA Students

Coming from a strong background in a single discipline or from a studio practice that fuses two or more disciplines, our MFA students all value and thrive in the stimulation of the unique interdisciplinary environment of the SCA, which also encourages them to develop the theoretical or scholarly contexts of their practice.

Jennifer Anderson

MFA Graduate Student

Areas: Music performance, instrument building, sound design, interactive new media.

Jennifer Anderson is an experimental musician and her passion is designing, creating, and building augmented and original instruments. While instrument design is her main focus, she is also interested in creating interactive experiences using new media. Jennifer has experience in various audio creation software, new media programming languages, and digital fabrication tools. These are her main tools for creating musical experiences and interactions. Jennifer is also a qualified audio engineer and sound designer, having ten plus years of experience in the field. She has worked concerts and theatre productions operating the soundboard, along with backstage experience. If there are saws, nails, and drills around, she will use them to build stuff.

Minahil Bukhari

MFA Graduate Student


Areas: Installation / Painting / Sculpture.

Minahil Bukhari is a visual artist working in mixed media and installation art. She graduated from the BFA program at ACAD, Calgary in 2016 and was awarded a distinction. Her topic of research is based on her personal experiences of displacement and diaspora. She is interested in the subtlety and sensitivity of the inner unrest caused due to displacement, while recognizing the complexity of that space. There is conflict and duality that is hard to comprehend within the parameters of language and she attempts to convey that through her art pieces.

Hannah Campbell

MFA Graduate Student

Roxanne Charles

MFA Graduate Student


Areas: Visual art.

Roxanne Charles is a mixed media artist of Strait Salish and European decent. She is an active and proud member of Semiahmoo First Nation in Surrey, BC where she promotes art, language, and culture.

Roxanne recently completed a double major from Kwantlen Polytechnic University, receiving a BA in general studies with a minor in anthropology and a BFA with a minor in art history. Roxanne also holds a certificate in northwest coast jewelry design from The Native Education College.

Her work often explores a variety of themes such as spirituality, environment, identity, hybridity, and various forms of violence. Roxanne likes to work with a wide range of media and really enjoys combining both traditional and contemporary practices. Roxanne is a historian, artist, and contemporary story teller whose goal is to touch, move, and inspire others through her work. She finds creative ways to engage her audience by employing methods of performance and focusing on providing a multisensory experience.

Kourosh Ghamsari-Esfahani

MFA Graduate Student

Lief Hall

MFA Graduate Student


Areas: Music, performance.

Lief Hall is a composer, singer-songwriter, director/choreographer and creator of opera, musical theatre, video and installation. Her interdisciplinary installation and performance works explore themes of nature, technology and the body as they relate to mythology, feminism and the production of cultural ideology.

Hall was previously the vocalist for Vancouver no wave punk band ‘Mutators’ (2007), vocalist for the improvisational trio ‘Glaciers‘ (2009), and one half of Canadian ‘femme noir’ pop duo MYTHS (2012). Lief Hall’s solo musical works include improvised and extended voice and experimental electronic ‘pop’ which integrates performance, video, photography and costume making.

Alexandre Klinke

MFA Graduate Student


Areas: Sound art, music.

I am a sound artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil, currently based in Vancouver, Canada. I’ve been creating, recording and performing music as a solo artist, while also working as a composer and sound designer for film.

I am drawn to old musical practices, such as pentatonic scales, the use of drones and the simple forms of ethnic and early music. At the same time, I’m attracted to experimental and unorthodox music idioms that push the boundaries of conventional genres, such as free improvisation, glitch and ambient.

A common thread that connects all my work is the amalgamation of folkloric music traditions and contemporary audio technology. Rather than embracing established musical styles, I intend to explore these traditional practices and show them in a different light, merging them with modern sounds and systems, combining acoustic and electronic elements, and embracing new techniques.

Casper Leerink

MFA Graduate Student

Casper Leerink (b. 1995) originally had two great affections: Music and Technology. Torn between the two, he chose to pursue a career in music. From 2013 until 2017, he studied Piano performance at ArtEZ University of the Arts in Zwolle, resulting in his graduation in July 2017. Because Casper’s interests grew bigger then the piano, he started a second major in music composition.

In his compositions, Casper is seizing the opportunity to integrate his two affections. Technology in his compositions has an important role: it is used to connect a variety of features with his Music, like Dance, Theater, Film, and even the Audience. With help of the new possibilities technology creates, these features aren’t a separate entity from the music, but are part of an interactive experience (they react to each other).

Using these technologies in his music, Casper tries to create an opportunity for technology to connect both people and technology.

Xinyue Liu

MFA Graduate Student

Deborah Micho

MFA Graduate Student

Caitlin O'Keeffe Almond

MFA Graduate Student

Brian Postalian

MFA Graduate Student


Areas: Theatre Director, Performance Creator.

"I create whimsical and visually imaginative work based in personal history and trauma. I'm always asking about how we connect to each other in a shared space."

Brian Postalian (Բրայն Փոսթալյան) is an award winning interdisciplinary performance creator born and raised in Toronto by way of Armenia, Ireland, Wales, and the Czech Republic.

Brian was Crapshoot Artistic Producer at Theatre Passe Muraille and Compass Points Curator at Canada's Magnetic North Theatre Festival. ​He has been a guest lecturer at the University of Toronto and Ryerson University and is a proud graduate of the joint University of Toronto and Sheridan College’s Theatre and Drama Studies Program. He frequents used book stores, rides bicycles, takes photos and is learning how to draw and play the duduk. Brian is the founding Artistic Director of Re:Current Theatre.

Brian is a graduate of the Artist Producer Training program with Generator, and is an alumni of the Young Creators Unit at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre, SummerWork's S.L.I.P, and the inaugural Devised Theatre Lab with Common Boots Theatre. Brian has trained with the Volcano Theatre Conservatory (of which he was featured in their Emerging Artist series in 2016), and The Workcenter of Jerzy Grotowski and Thomas Richards.

Luciana Saldanha Fortes

MFA Graduate Student

Areas + interests: Dance, Theatre & Comedy.

Hi there! My name is Luciana (or Luci!) and I am an artist and educator from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have a BA in Dance with honors summa cum laude from Bryn Mawr College (Bryn Mawr, PA, USA), and my other training includes a semester abroad in Paris, France, and summer programs with Parsons Dance Company and the American Dance Festival.

My interests lie in exploring comedy in dance and theatre as a way to investigate the anxieties we face in the contemporary world in a lighthearted and whimsical (but also thoughtful) manner. Clowning, musicality, vibrant expression, quirkiness, gesture, and colorful movement are key words that describe my current research. Basically, I want to create the dance-theatre live performance equivalent of Pixar movies, Dr. Seuss, and Tim Burton (if that helps to paint a picture in your mind).

As an educator, I provide college counseling for Brazilian high school students who want to pursue their undergraduate education in the United States or Canada through Aplica!, a program I co-direct with a colleague. Our mission is to work with the youth community in Brazil who have the dream and potential to “do something more”, and help to guide them there through the opportunities of education.

Last but not least, past experiences include: dancing in Philadanco II, the Opening Ceremony of the Rio Paralympics 2016, video dancing with FARM (Brazilian Fashion Brand), teaching Dance and English, working with Kindergarten students, and choreographing wedding dances. Hurray!

Julia Schnitman

MFA Graduate Student


Areas: Production design, Film, Theatre, Architecture, Scenic space.

I am a production designer, architect and a multidisciplinary artist from Brazil. I have earned my bachelor degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the University of Salvador-Brazil. As an undergraduate student, I learned that art is a fluid process of imagination, reality and creativity, for understanding, and interacting with the world. My work is a blend of art and production design for television, film and theatre. My interests are not only the practical aspect of the production, but the necessity to base it on theoretical elements of design. For me, being able to manage the construction of a scenic space is as important as knowing the inner side of how the creative process works. I have worked at Rede Globo, the biggest TV production in Latin America. That experience enabled me to acquire a firm-grasp of Set Design, as well as enhance my aesthetics. I also worked for a TV channel in Brazil - Rede Record. There, I developed the scenic design for two historical soap operas. My artistic work aims to capture and transform an idea, a story or even a single word or image into an imaginary construct that people can be immediately introduced to a plethora of senses, emotions and thoughts.

Ilvs Strauss

MFA Graduate Student

Jennifer Tham

MFA Graduate Student


Areas: Music, music for voice(s)

I love the human voice; deeply personal, unique, subjective. I love words; suggestive and significant, precise yet imprecise. I am driven by the countless possibilities a theatre of voices offers; a mobile troupe with the potential to surprise, engage and provoke in unexpected ways and places.  In Singapore, I conduct the SYC Ensemble Singers, new music adventure junkies for whom more than 40 works have been written, several of these involving elements of theatre and choreographed movement.

I’m fascinated by the dialogue  between sight and sound – experimental music tends to need “visual aids” – and am interested in new music for vocal ensemble that can be staged, with movement, in unconventional spaces or as site-specific installation. I guess this love of how all our senses can work together (or not) to create something meaningful (or not) was begotten in the BFA program up on the mountain, at SFU, between 1992 and 1995.

Graeme Wahn

MFA Graduate Student

Amy Wilson

MFA Graduate Student

Areas: Pedagogical arts, investigative journalism, object making, drawing, archive, installation, performance and poetry.

Amy Wilson is an artist, educator and poet. Since, 2012 she has maintained and developed a socially engaged artistic practice, which partners 21st century learning strategies with participative art forms. Situational, experiential and collective in nature, the projects that she has facilitated and helped develop have been informed by collective explorations into the generative and emerging ways in which a person’s sense of agency can take shape through the arts. Issues of environment and international conflict have been the central focus of her work since its inception. Combining research and making in a holistic process, her practice has evolved to incorporate disciplines suitable for engaging communities in exploring the current events and issues that affect their lives. Such forms include: investigative journalism, object making, experimental drawing, archive, installation, performance and poetry. Her focus on creative, physical, performative and participative encounters offers the opportunity for the development of the critical, creative and adaptive tool/skills needed for learning, living and cooperating in a changing world.

Amy’s research focus at SFU will be investigating the generative tools and forms emerging from the relationships between socially engaged arts and 21st century learning practices. She has a particular interest in forms which fit the characteristics of Education for Sustainable Development.

Amy is a member of the Earth Charter International Youth Network and is a School Speaker for Amnesty International UK. She is a graduate of the Leith School of Art, Edinburgh and The Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University.

Amy is the Director of Amy Wilson Arts and the founder of international artists collective N92_3.

@amywilsonarts #AWA

Photo credit: Sakina Namazi

Meagan Woods

MFA Graduate Student

Meagan Woods is an MFA candidate at Simon Fraser University’s School of Contemporary Art. Originally from the states, Meagan graduated with a BFA in dance from Rutgers University, earning the Margery Turner Award for choreography. Her company has presented a wide range of original dance works in venues across the North East. Meagan is the founder of two cross-disciplinary performance series: Dance Within the Arts at the Zimmerli Art Museum and Art in Motion at Alfa Art Gallery. Her company has performed twice for TED talks; video coverage is available at In 2010, Meagan Woods co-founded the largest annual modern dance festival in New Jersey, Your Move, for which she was granted the Dance NJ Jete Award in 2017. Meagan is also a costume designer, and has guest lectured at The New School, Montclair University, and Rutgers University. More at:

Tomoyo Yamada

MFA Graduate Student

Ghinwa Yassine

MFA Graduate Student

[Lebanese, b. 1984, based in Vancouver, Canada]

Ghinwa Yassine views herself in constant negotiation having lived in transition between Beirut, Dubai, Jeddah, Utrecht, and Vancouver. Her work uses a variety of mediums including film, installation, performance, drawing and writing. Starting from autobiographical narratives her work expands to cultural and human concerns. For example, in her Inside the Coffee Cup she questions superstitions and rituals in the make-up of the Lebanese/Arabic society. Her Home Suspended installation deals with themes of displacement, having felt forced to leave her country fearing war and instability, and duality, living at the edge of two worlds, that of her religious family and kinship-driven country and that of her atheist nomadic life. 

She often uses familiar domestic objects as a starting point to a story. “I’m fascinated by how much we can project on the objects that we as humans have created, or how these objects become memory capsules. For example, I can imagine myself saying I feel like a chair with a broken leg.” In one of her short films she creates a metaphor between her yogamat and her mother’s Muslim prayer rug. The resulting work is often a juxtaposition of film and objects that at first glance seem unrelated, but after experiencing them as a whole, one feels he/she entered someone’s private world.

Joey Zaurrini

MFA Graduate Student