Students enrolled in Visual Art are immersed in a dynamic and progressive education in contemporary art. The program balances studio-based production with a strong theoretical component. Our method of continuous enquiry connects hands-on production with critical reflection and is recognized for fostering an informed, experimental approach.

Contemporary art is a form of material knowledge that produces thought and experience. We are committed to investigating the ways in which art connects to a broad range of social questions and functions. Through exposure to the most challenging and innovative examples of contemporary art, our program encourages students to envision their own artistic practice while exploring a wide variety of media.

Students have opportunities to present work in the Audain Gallery, in our visual art studio at 611 Alexander, and site-specific projects throughout our downtown campus. As well as attending our ongoing series of talks by local and visiting artists, our students benefit from working with international artists participating in the Audain Visiting Artists in Residence program. In addition to our multidisciplinary approach to studio practice, our students study side-by-side with students from other disciplinary backgrounds. The presence of students from the MFA in Interdisciplinary Studies further contributes to our close-knit intellectual community that fosters critical thinking and creative growth.

Many of our students are admitted to prestigious national and international graduate programs while significant numbers of graduate students go on to successful careers in the arts or related fields. All students acquire knowledge that forms the basis for life-long learning connected to community networks.

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Program Information

The goal of the visual art program is to provide students with the integrated practical and theoretical skills necessary to become self-sufficient and productive artists. The program includes open studio courses in which students produce work in a variety of media. There are also practical skills courses, which focus on specific techniques. Students receive regular feedback on their work through faculty-led group critiques. Cultural study classes, art history courses, and critical seminars provide an historical and philosophical framework for understanding how meaning is conveyed through the images around us.

Not only do our students contribute to and participate in the vital art communities of our contemporary world, but also their learning experience in our program supports active life-long learning for them as locally and globally minded engaged citizens.

611 Alexander Studios

The Visual Art program include a large open-plan studio at the Alexander building.

SCA has occupied the Alexander Studio, the site of most of our visual art studios since 1993 to specifically accommodate the visual art area and also houses graduate student MFA studios. Scholarly lectures and classes are also held at the space.

Alexander Studio
611 Alexander Street, Suite #330
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6A 1E1

Lectures and Visiting Artist Talks often take place at Suite #330 – 611 Alexander Street

Audain Gallery




The Audain Gallery at Woodward’s is intimately tied into our pedagogy as a whole. Through seminars, panels, artist talks, studio visits, and working directly with visiting artists, offers our undergraduate and graduate students a unique opportunity to participate in locally anchored yet internationally focused engaged art practices. The high-profile programming of the Audain Gallery brings attention to graduate and undergraduate exhibitions shown in the gallery. 

Audain Gallery
Simon Fraser University
Goldcorp Centre for the Arts
149 West Hastings Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada V6B 5K3

P: 778.782.9102


Audain Visual Artist in Residence program




The Audain Visual Artist in Residence program brings artists and practitioners to Vancouver who have contributed significantly to the field of contemporary art and whose work resonates with local and international visual art discourses.

MORE INFO on the program and participating artists.


The program is generously funded by the Audain Foundation Endowment Fund.

Visual Art Talk Series

The talk series organized by the Visual Art area at the Alexander studios provides a productive place for artists to present their work and to talk about their methods and concepts. Also, to engage with visual culture in a broader way, the series features curators and other cultural producers to present their projects and ideas. With approximately four talks per term, the series provides the possibility for our students and the public to engage in discussions with the visitors and explore contemporary art and its contexts and theories.

Look at our amazing list of international, local, distinguished and emerging artists and cultural producers (by year). VIEW NOW

Faculty Profile

Jin-me Yoon

Jin-me Yoon


Through photo and video based installations, Jin-me Yoon explores questions concerning identity, place and subjectivity in an accelerated globalized era. Has exhibited extensively across Canada as… More

Alumni Reflections

"SCA provided me with a space to experiment and a group of professors who took those experiments seriously. My peers pushed my work even further and our conversations led not only to lifelong friendships, but also to an art practice that leaves me sometimes perplexed and often proud." - Clint Sleeper, Master of Fine Arts, originally from Reno