Contact an Advisor

We want you to have a successful educational experience at SFU and we hope to assist you by providing a range of advisors and on-line tools. SFU's advisors will help you plan your courses, explore academic interests and guide you through course and program requirements. To make the most of your time with an advisor, please familiarize yourself with the options you are considering and prepare your questions before your appointment. Program requirements and course information can be found on departmental websites and/or the SFU Calendar.

SFU Academic Advisors

SFU Academic Advisors are the main point of contact for students who have not declared a Major. They can help you with first-year program planning, general academic issues, health issues, general advice and programs to ensure your success in university and beyond.

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Faculty and Departmental Advisors

Departmental Advisors can help students who are about to declare a Major with course selection, pre-requisites and options such as minors, majors and honors. Be sure to spend some time on the department website familiarizing yourself with the program in the Academic Calendar before you visit them to make the most of your time. 

Program Advisor Telephone Contact
Undeclared Students (under 60 units) Student Services 778-782-6930 Student Services
Undeclared Students (over 60 units) Nadia Williams 778-782-7486
Double Minor Program, Internal Faculty Transfers Nadia Williams 778-782-7486
Surrey Programs Nadia Williams 778-782-7486
Data Science  Nadia Williams 778-782-7486
Biological Sciences Emelia Kirkwood 778-782-3539
Biomedical Physiology & Kinesiology Sophie Dunbar 778-782-3573
Chemistry Evon Khor
Earth Sciences Tarja Vaisanen 778-782-4779
Mathematics Bryant Kamlade 778-782-4980
Molecular Biology & Biochemistry Dr. Ingrid Northwood 778-782-5630
Physics Dr. Cameron Forde 778-782-9267
Statistics & Actuarial Science Sadika Jungic