Sharina Janif

Senior Associate Director, Advancement


Sharina Janif began working in the Faculty of Science in 2015 but is not a newcomer to SFU.  A native Vancouverite, she completed a BA in SFU's department of History. What she admires most about the Faculty of Science are the Community Outreach programs which are offered free of charge to school-aged children. “I really enjoy telling SFU alumni about our Outreach programs because it has such a positive impact on our youth - inspiring them to pursue Science in high school and even through to university. The Outreach programs empower the kids; they feel that they can succeed in Science classes that are usually thought to be quite difficult.”

Sharina has been deeply involved in local community work but these days spend her spare time with her husband and two young kids. “Right now, we’re focused on trying to get my son and daughter to learn how to ride their bikes!”