Hire SFU Students

Each year, thousands of employers hire SFU science students to work in labs, in educational programs, as tutors and countless other jobs that require keen thinking skills, a scientific background and a strong work ethic.  We offer a number of services to support employers who would like to hire or recruit students or graduates.

Hire a Co-op Student

As one of the largest and most comprehensive programs in Canada, SFU Co-op has been a continually relied upon source of talent and skill for many. Co-op is an enriched model of education which formally integrates relevant, paid work experience with the student’s academic studies. Students alternate between semesters of study and work experience.

Organizations use Co-op for many of the following reasons:

  • Short term, full time employment (4 or 8 months)
  • Access to undergraduate and graduate students
  • No cost job posting & interview scheduling
  • Academic-related learning opportunities and experience
  • Permanent strategic recruitment assistance (Bridging opportunities)
  • Direct and strategic link with University student talent
  • Supported work place learning (Learning Objectives, Site Visits)

Students are available from the following Science disciplines:

  • Biology
  • Biomedical Physiology and Kinesiology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Science
  • Management and Systems Science
  • Mathematics
  • Molecular Biology and Biochemistry
  • Physics
  • Statistics and Actuarial Sciences

i To start the co-op hiring process, simply email your job description to the Science Co-op Program (scicoop@sfu.ca) and we will provide the support to help you find the right candidate.

For more information about the Science Co-op program or hiring our students, please contact us or visit the Coop Employers website.

On-Campus Recruitment, Job Postings and more

No matter what your recruitment needs are, SFU Career Services has got a solution. Whether you are recruiting for one position or you have multiple openings to fill, we are here to help you! We offer campus recruitment services for student and graduate recruitment as well as seasonal, part-time and full-time hiring from all three of our campuses.

For more information on the services and resources available to your organization, please visit the Career Services website.