Curiosity Landed on Mars | The Canadian Contribution

August 06, 2012

For the past eight months, the Curiosity rover has been travelling to Mars. The newest Mars Science Laboratory rover landed in Gale Crater to explore an environment that some scientists think could have supported life. On board this mobile high-tech laboratory is an instrument designed and developed in Canada: the APXS (Alpha-Particle-X-ray-Spectrometer), and Canadian scientists are part of the team directing Curiosity’s mission.

Hear some highlights:

Clip: Richard Léveillé on next steps for exploring the red planet
Clip: John Spray on the habitability of Mars
Clip: Ralf Gellert on Curiosity’s landing site and first tasks
Clip: Stéphane Desjardins on Canada’s ongoing contribution to interplanetary exploration


You can watch a recording of the webinar online:
Curiosity: The Canadian Contribution
PowerPoint of the webinar


Curiosity’s journey to Mars (Canadian Space Agency’s website)
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Low Resolution (1.7 MB)

Mars Science Laboratory Landing Site: Gale crater (link to watch the landing) (JPL / NASA)
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