The Tri-Agency Financial Administration Guide details the policies and requirements of the Canadian funding agencies NSERC, CIHR and SSHRC.

New Federal Employer Complance Fee for Engaging Foreign Nationals

  • Effective February 2015, the federal government introduced an employer compliance system for employers hiring foreign nationals under the federal International Mobility Programs. For an overview of the system and process, See here for details.
  • Employers are now required to submit the job offer and other relevant information for the recruitment of a foreign national to Citizenship and Immigration Canada and may need to pay an employer fee of $230. Some programs are exempt but will need to submit proof of fee exemption.

Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications

  • The Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications requires all peer-reviewed journal publications funded by one of the three federal granting agencies to be freely available online within 12 months.  
  • The policy requires NSERC and SSHRC funded researchers to comply with the policy for all grants awarded May 1, 2015 and onward.
  • The policy will not change current compliance requirements for CIHR funded researchers since a similar policy with the same requirements has been in effect since 2008.
  • Tri-Agency open access FAQs
  • The SFU Library provides support to faculty who may have questions about the mandate or who wish to deposit their publications in SFU's research repository or a subject-based repository.
  • See April 2015 article in University Affairs for a discussion of the impact of this policy on Canadian researchers.

Personnel Costs

  • Graduate Students
    • students are supported through stipends from scholarships, teaching assistantships, professors' research grants, or some combination thereof
    • some Departments set a minimum annual stipend; typical range is:
      • MSc student: $17,000 - 24,000
      • PhD student: $19,000 - 26,500
  • Postdocs & Research Associates
    • typical annual salary: $45,000 - $80,000
    • plus ~10% for statutory benefits (CPP, UI, WCC)
    • plus 2 weeks vacation or 4% in liu of
    • additional health benefits often possible

Teaching "Buy-Outs"

Some funding agencies provide salary replacement funds to protect research time and "buy out" teaching responsibilities.

According to SFU Policy:

  • the minimum cost of one regular course buy-out is 12% of annual salary
  • a faculty member normally may not buy out more than one course in any academic year
  • buy outs require the approval of the Department Chair and Faculty Dean

SFU Overhead Charges

Overhead is charged by SFU for some research projects. The SFU overhead rates and exceptions are described here.

Research Travel Costs

Standard rates for travel and subsistence are listed in the SFU Business and Travel Expenses Policy:

  • use the most direct and economic travel option, e.g., do not exceed the equivalent of full economy air fare
  • personal vehicle usage: $0.51/km
  • accommodation: do not exceed reasonable costs for the circumstances (i.e., the rate of a single standard room)
  • private accommodation: $35/night
  • meals during travel (per diem allowances include tips and taxes):

Rates effective Apr 2015; may change without notice

Item Canada USA
Breakfast $13 $16 $13
Lunch $15 $18 $17
Dinner $29 $34 $33
Total/day $57 $68

Faculty of Science Research Grants Facilitator: Dr. Theresa Kitos; Phone: (778) 782-3132

Associate Dean, Research, Advancement & Grad Studies: TBA; Phone: TBA