Science Schemes  Volume 13, Number 1

Welcome to the new school year!


  • Be proactive: The first couple weeks of classes tend to feel lighter because you probably won't have any exams or major assignments due yet. Use this "extra time" to get ahead of the workload. Get the ball rolling ASAP on any homework and/or assignments you are given, keep on top of your weekly readings, write down questions as they arise, and seek help right away.

  • Study for exams right from the start: Exams are likely to constitute the largest portion of your mark, so you should be preparing for them throughout the semester. Set aside at least an hour per class per week to review the material you learned that week because your memory of it will begin to fade quickly. Test yourself regularly to assess what you have mastered and what your knowledge gaps are.

  • Find study partners: Studying with other people can be a great way to enhance and deepen your knowledge of course content. See if you can find another person or a couple other people in your class who would like to meet regularly throughout the semester. Here is a good resource about conducting study groups effectively.

  • Use tools/strategies to manage your time: Time management is one of the issues students tend to struggle with the most. Establish tools and/or strategies for managing your time, such as: using an agenda; following a master weekly schedule with regular study times; using calendars to keep track of all of your deadlines and quizzes/tests/exams; using to-do lists each day with manageable tasks that you need to complete; and doing timed study session with a five minute break every half hour. You may need to experiment with different methods/tools until you find what system works best for you.


SFU's Passion to Lead

Are you interested in helping others and yourself discover your full potential? Here is your chance to make a real difference, gain leadership skills, and meet like minded individuals! At SFU Passion to Lead, we offer tools for students to help them reflect, connect, and succeed through workshops, career development conferences, and more. We are looking for passionate individuals to fill the following positions:

- Director of Internal Operations
- Director of External Relations
- Director of Events

Check out the detailed job descriptions at:
If interested, apply by Friday, September 15th 11:59pm at:

As part of the Passion Foundation based in Vancouver, SFU Passion to Lead is a student-led organization that aims to connect and inspire students by providing opportunities for leadership, self-exploration, and community building to help young people discover their passions and ultimately find their place in the world.



Have you heard about SFU's new Data Science program?

Data Science is a rapidly expanding field, and there is perceived to be an increasing shortage of qualified data scientists in Canada and the U.S. Our new program at SFU is one of the first undergraduate programs in Data Science. It was designed as an applied, skills-based program that gives students the tools they need to become successful data scientists. The Data Science program is interdisciplinary, involving coursework in Statistics, Computing Science, Mathematics, and Business, and culminates in a Bachelor of Science.

Please see the Academic Calendar for the requirements for the Data Science program. If you have any questions about the program, please contact


Academic advising is currently available between 9:30am and 4pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays at the Surrey campus (room 2910), and on Wednesdays and Thursdays at the Burnaby campus (TASC 2, room 9803).  

The advising schedule may be subject to change. It is best to make an appointment, by emailing It may be possible to drop in during the above hours as well; however, note that, without an appointment, it is not guaranteed that the advisor will be available and in the office.

Approaching Events & Deadlines

September 5-8: Week of Welcome

September 11: Last day to drop a class for 100% tuition refund

September 12: Concentration & Reading workshop

September 12: Get the Most From Your Lectures workshop

September 15: Deadline to apply for a bursary and/or scholarship/award

September 15: How to Succeed in Quantitative Courses workshop

September 16 & 17: Science Frosh

September 18: Career & Volunteer Fair (Surrey, Mezzanine)

September 19 & 20: Career & Volunteer Fair (Burnaby, AQ)

September 19: Surrey Science Social

September 20: Science Co-op Info Session

September 21: Study Abroad Fair (Burnaby, AQ)