Science is a Global Collaboration.  Join it.

Advancements in Science are based increasingly on global collaborations. As an SFU science student, numerous opportunities exist for you to make your degree a truly international experience.

International Exchange 

Student exchange allows you to attend a university abroad with the full support of SFU. Students pay SFU tuition, work with SFU advisors to integrate the exchange program into their major and have access to special privileges allowed only to students on formal exchange programs.  Depending on the institution, these programs can be delivered in English or in the language of instruction of the country you are going to.  SFU has numerous exchange agreements with leading universities around the world.  For detailed information about exchange destinations, visit the SFU International Exchange website.

International Co-op

Maximize the impact of your co-op experience by seeking an international co-op opportunity.  International co-ops are available for all students and numerous science students have had successful international co-op experiences.  Information about international co-ops is available from your co-op advisor or on the international co-op website.

Study Abroad

Spend one or two terms studying at an SFU partner university while earning credit towards your degree! Participate in an international group study program and spend a term overseas – join an exciting SFU field school!

Information for Study Abroad can be found on the Study Abroad website


Summer semester in California

The ink was barely dry on the new partnership between SFU and the University of California, Berkeley, when Iman Baharmand applied to spend a semester at the fabled campus through the SFU Study Abroad program.

Study Abroad allows students to spend one or two terms at one of SFU’s 120 partner institutions around the world. Iman is excited by the opportunity to travel and broaden his education and experience. Not only has he arranged to bunk in with a good friend who is a student at UC Berkeley, but also he’ll be taking courses that are unique to his field of interest. “I’m taking Medical Anthropology, a course on Computational Biology and Precision Medicine and also signed up for a CRISPR workshop offered by the Innovative Genomics Institute.” He adds, “The credits are transferrable, and I’m hoping to reach out to professors who I am inspired by.”

Iman will be spending the summer semester in Berkeley and will return to SFU in the fall. At that time, he’ll still be involved with the Study Abroad program and looks forward to advising students on what to expect and what challenges they might be faced within their own exchange.

Iman is in his third year in the Biological Sciences department and hopes to pursue a career in neglected diseases and tropical medicine. He is a Parasitology & Medical Entomology Researcher in the Lowenberger Lab, a student representative on Senate and a volunteer for the Canadian Red Cross, SFU Blood for Life and Canadian Blood Services. Leaving these commitments won’t be easy for Iman but he says, “If I don’t take this opportunity now, I’ll regret it for the rest of my life.”

Why did you choose UC Berkeley?

My choice of exchange institution was anything but random! UC Berkeley is a leader in both Cellular Biology, my declared major, as well as, Anthropology, my intended minor! My interdisciplinary approach to learning and discovery must be credited to the encouragement and inspiration from my professors at Simon Fraser University. I am excited to do some exploring intellectually and hopeful that the opportunity will provide me with directions for my path after my Undergraduate studies.

What's the one fun thing that you want to do or partake in while you're there?

I am a big basketball fan, so it’ll be nice if the Warriors make it to the Semi-finals since those games line-up with the time I'm there. Realizing that tickets would be a bit too expensive for my taste, I will probably opt to join the crowd outside of Oracle stadium. 

Is there anything in particular that you know are going to miss while you're gone?  

The obvious answer would be friends, family, and mom's cooking. Also my Vancouver summer tradition of going to 'Bard on the Beach'!