Meet Dr. Gordon McTaggart-Cowan, Associate Professor, Sustainable Energy Engineering

January 31, 2020

We are pleased to announce that Gordon McTaggart-Cowan is joining SFU's SEE program as associate professor. His research focuses on developing new approaches to reduce the environmental impacts of transportation. This includes the use of renewable, low-carbon fuels in internal-combustion engines as well as developing new powertrain and mobility solutions. For the past nine years, McTaggart-Cowan led R&D projects on advanced low-carbon vehicle fuel and engine systems at Westport Fuel Systems. He also spent four years as a lecturer at Loughborough University, UK, where he led a low-emissions diesel engine research program and taught courses on thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and energy systems analysis.

“Transportation is going through a transformation, with rapid growth in a diverse array of technologies that promise dramatic improvements in sustainability. I am excited at the opportunity to work with SFU researchers on the critical assessment of technology choices and the development of new knowledge and applications to help guide transportation to a sustainable future.”