SEE students visit BC Hydro Powerhouse at Stave Falls

April 05, 2023

Fourth-year sustainable energy engineering students recently visited BC Hydro’s powerhouse at Stave Falls, one of B.C.'s first hydroelectric stations. Following the completion of one of their course units on hydropower, the class had the opportunity to witness how their education can be translated into practical applications beyond their classroom. With our province working towards a more sustainable future, hydropower has facilitated B.C.'s shift towards a low-carbon energy future. The class was given a tour of the Pelton wheels, Francis turbines and synchronous generators used to generate the renewable energy source. They were also given high voltage demonstrations on a Jacobs ladder and a Tesla Coil.

The SEE 476 course, led by lecturer Mahda Jahromi, explores renewable energy systems and their grid interfacing technologies. 

View highlights from the field trip here>>