Calendar Committee

Last Updated October 30, 2020
Members Conditions Term Expiry Date Name
Chair Elected by voting members of the Committee      
Faculty Senator Elected by and from Senate 2 years May 31, 2021 Peter Tingling
Faculty Member Appointed by SCUS 2 years May 31, 2021 Stephen Spector
Faculty Member Appointed by SGSC 2 years May 31, 2022  
Student Member Elected by Senate 1 year May 31, 2021  
Registrar/Executive Director, Student Enrolment (or designate)
Ex-officio (voting)
    Rummana Khan Hemani
Assistant Registrar, Senate & Academic Services
Secretary, Ex-officio (non-voting)     Kris Nordgren

Terms of Reference

  1. To advise the Registrar on matters relating to the content of the University Calendar.
  2. To consider potential changes to established practice, and refer to Senate, for approval, any recommended changes relating to content or presentation.
  3. For instance, the Calendar Committee should consider whether or not advertising should be allowed in the Calendar. Should Senate approve the principle of accepting advertising, the Calendar Committee would establish guidelines for the location and types of advertisements to be accepted. The Committee would monitor those advertisements proposed each year.
  4. To prepare for Senate approval the schedule of dates for future semesters. Changes to established practice will be referred to Senate for approval.
  5. To consider matters that may be referred to the Committee by the Registrar or by other Committees of Senate.

Membership notes

The Committee shall elect its own Chair from among the voting members of the Committee.

The Committee shall elect a Vice-Chair annually from among the voting members of the Committee.

One Faculty Member position on the Committee will be replaced each year to provide continuity.


A quorum is three voting members.

Academic Dates

For Academic Dates, please refer to the Calendar:

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