SETC Evaluations Continuing for Fall 2020

SFU will continue to run SETC in the fall semester, with the changes introduced in the summer.  These changes were approved by the Deans and the Provost.  

What will be on the evaluation form?

The evaluation form will contain the University-level and Instructor-level questions.The University-level questions indicate that the instruction is remote, not in-person. Instructors will also have the opportunity to gather formative feedback by selecting up to 6 questions this term.

Why are Faculty and Department/School-level questions being left off evaluation forms?

A great deal of thought, care, and consultation had gone into the selection of faculty and department/school-level questions. However, the shift away from in-person instruction to remote learning means that each question needs to be reviewed to ensure it is still meaningful and appropriate. With the Fall term beginning soon, it was decided that faculty members would not have the time nor resources to go through this review process or develop new questions in the next few weeks.

Is there support for instructor-selected questions?

The item bank revamped by the LEAP Team for Summer 2020 evaluations will be available again. The item bank used in previous semesters had been complied for in-person instruction and thus included many items that are inappropriate or meaningless in a remote instruction environment. The new item bank is specifically focused on gaining feedback about challenges that students often experience in a remote learning situation, such as technical issues, reduced connection with the instructor and/or other students, and time management.

Also, the items have been rewritten to reflect the student’s experience in the course instead of asking for an evaluation or judgement. For example, the item “The course instructor organized lecturers in a logical manner” was converted to “The course was organized in a manner that helped me understand course concepts.” 

Instructors are always free to create their own questions:

   Quick Guide - How to Make Good Questions

If you would like any assistance adapting or creating questions for your course this term, please contact Lana Newton at

Are TSSU members being evaluated?

Please note that the TSSU has requested that their members not be evaluated using the SETC system this fall. Therefore Sessional Instructors will not be evaluated this term. This request also includes Teaching Assistants, who would normally have been evaluated using paper forms, which are obviously not available with remote instruction.  Departments and Faculties are not obliged to provide an alternative to SETC for TSSU members.