LEAP (Learning Experiences Assessment and Planning)

SETC has moved! Our program has moved from the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) to the new Centre for Educational Excellence (CEE). CEE is led by the Associate Vice-Provost of Learning and Teaching, Dr. Elizabeth Elle, and houses three divisions.

· The Curriculum & Instruction (CID) Division

· The Learning & Teaching Technology (LTT) Division

· The Learning Experiences Assessment & Planning (LEAP) Division

The Student Evaluation of Teaching and Courses (SETC) program is a part of the Learning Experiences Assessment and Planning, or “LEAP” division. LEAP will be taking on new assessment challenges in the future that focus on students’ learning experiences. However, the SETC program will remain operationally the same as before the restructuring. We will continue to use our current website sfu.ca/setc and email address setc@sfu.ca for the Fall 2019 term. Starting in 2020 we will gradually transition to using the name LEAP, the CEE website, and the email address leap@sfu.ca. Stay tuned for more information!