Education Plan 2020/2021

Tantamount to preventing sexual violence on university campuses is the role of sexual violence and misconduct prevention education. Responsible for the development of a holistic and comprehensive University-wide approach to sexual violence and misconduct prevention, the Sexual Violence Support & Prevention Office’s (SVSPO) educational approach seeks to develop a comprehensive strategy that equips students, faculty and staff with the awareness, knowledge and skills required to make social change towards ending sexual violence and misconduct. Students, staff and faculty are invited to participate in learning opportunities that address the following topics:

a) active bystander intervention & empowering actions;

b) consent, healthy relationships, communities & boundaries;

c) responding to disclosures of sexual violence & supporting survivors;

d) understanding the root causes of sexual violence.

The SVSPO’s current education plan is guided by grounded approaches to education through evidence-based practices and research. The framework supporting our education plan is informed by a social-ecological approach to health promotion and sexual violence prevention (Banyard, V.L. 2014; Casey & Lindhorst, 2009; DeGue, S., 2014). Using a social-ecological approach allows us to consider factors that concern not only individual but also considers structural, environmental, historical, and social factors to sexual violence education. In other words, by using a social-ecological framework to guide the SVSPO’s Education Plan allows us to understand that sexual violence and misconduct does not occur as isolated cases but is relational to larger structural and historical forces of harm. Approaching sexual violence and misconduct prevention education within this lens acknowledges the complex roots of rape culture, social norms, power dynamics, and multiple forms of oppression while seeking to prevent individual instances of sexual violence and misconduct. In addition, this approach stives to create a culture free of sexual violence and misconduct, one that encourages positive behaviours and community accountability.

Guided by the Education Plan 2020/2021, we strive to – among other things – develop and deploy tools to gauge benchmark understandings of the awareness of sexual violence and misconduct intervention at SFU; build awareness of the SVSPO, SFU’s policy GP 44; ensure that all members of the SFU community are equipped to respond appropriately to disclosures of sexual violence and misconduct.

The SVSPO is presently working to extend our Educaiton Plan into a five-year plan. For now, we invite you to critically engage with the details of our one-year education plan to learn more about the SVSPO’s educational approach, our guiding principles, and our desired outcomes. You may access the below PDF file to read more.

Download the SVSPO’s Prevention Education Plan 2020/2021: