Work in a Warming World Bibliographic Database

The Work in a Warming World Bibliographic Database should be extremely useful for locating resource material for your term essays. I’ve captured screens from one descriptor search to introduce the database. Below are four screens. First the main entry screen:


In the upper left-hand corner, right under the RefShare banner, you will notice a Search option that when you click on it gives you a drop down menu choice for Lookup by Author, Descriptor or Periodical and also an “advanced” option. I’ve highlighted the drop down menu in the screen shot below with a yellow box and an arrow pointing to it.

Choosing the Lookup by Descriptor option brings you to the following screen:

I’ve selected “aboriginal peoples” from the array (obviously the capitalization of descriptors is rather haphazard).

Choosing “Energy efficiency” gives the following list of titles:

There are many more very valuable features to this database, which I will leave it to you to explore and discover!