Questions about iClickers?

After advertising our upcoming T&L discussion demo by Joan S. and Erin B. from BISC, I (Nienke vH) received a few questions about iClicker. These questions were more about the practical aspects of iClicker use (as opposed to pedagogical), so I am posting the answers here in case anyone else will find this info valuable.


1) Go to the iClicker website:
Look around. They offer many Webinars; try one! I have participated in one and found it very useful and informative, I asked lots of questions and didn’t have to leave my office. There is also documentation describing best practices (here).

2) In the past, The TLC has offered  iClicker demos for faculty. Sign up for their newsletter and you will get a notification if any are being offered.  Here  a link to their main page:
You may also contact Christina Drabik ( as she is the contact at TLC for acquiring and maintaining the base units.

3) As an alternative to iClicker, consider using Top Hat Monocle classroom response system. It is a newer platform, and we saw a demo on it last week. Here is a link to their home page:  It has some unique features that iClickers don’t have. For a summary of those features, see our blog post on the topic.

If you have any iClicker questions, please feel free to ask me, however,  I will be using iClickers for the first time this fall.  Both Mark Lechner and Scott Venners have more experience with them so you may wish to track them down as well (click here to see blog summary).