About the FHS Teaching Conversations Blog

This blog is intended for all instructors and staff in the Faculty of Health Sciences at SFU who wish to engage in discussions about teaching and learning.  The blog accompanies the teaching conversations held in the FHS  that started fall 2011. Blogging is a way for us to stay in touch, to share our thoughts about teaching and learning and to generate stories about the teaching practices underway in the faculty.

In the era of digital media and mass online communication, we are hoping to contribute our own spot in the networks by generating and sharing our stories, activities and thoughts. Join us in the digital adventure!

What’s in the blog?

In our blog you will find:

Please join us by sharing your stories, comments, resources you have found or insights and questions you have about teaching and learning in the Faculty of Health Sciences at SFU. The blog was initiated by Barbara Berry, Education Consultant with the Teaching and Learning Centre of SFU and is currently supported by Nienke VanHouten, a Faculty Teaching Fellow in the Faculty of Health Sciences at SFU.