Symposium Abstract on iClicker Epidemiology Submitted

Nienke vH. and Mark L. have submitted the following abstract for their workshop that will take place during the Symposium on Teaching and Learning: Leading the Change @ SFU (May 16th and 17th, 2012).

iClicker epidemiology:  giving students hands-on experience in the scientific method with student-directed data sets and ideas

This session showcases an innovative strategy for using iClickers that can be adapted to many classrooms. Since students become engaged when they relate to course material from their perspective, we ask them to cooperatively generate a data set, which is used as a starting point to explore the scientific method.  A novel aspect of this approach hinges on the data-filtering option in iClicker software (v6.1.3).  This allows the comparison of two variables in a single chart (e.g. exam score vs, time in lecture) and creates the opportunity for applied critical thinking with respect to:  analysis of graphic data, examining accuracy of conclusions and identifying artifacts and limitations from the data collection method.

The workshop will comprise interactive segments including the opportunity to participate in iClicker polling and data filtering, and a constructive feedback discussion in which participants and workshop leaders review the approach and discuss other applications and improvements. This session will appeal to instructors who are interested in: i) exploring diverse ways to use iClickers, ii) seeking interactive ways to teach the scientific method, and iii) engaging large lecture classes.  At the end of this session, participants will be prepared to apply similar methods in their own classes.