Fall 2012 T&L Conversation Schedule

Thursday Sept 13, 10:00 am in Blu 11028

Please join us for a discussion on ‘Scientific Teaching’. This conversation will provide a sense of the Summer Institute that Nienke attended with Cindy Xin (from TLC) and Kathleen Fitzpatrick (from BISC). Cindy will join us and we will share some of the principles that we learned at the institute and discuss how they can be implemented at FHS and SFU at large.

For more information on the program:

Please hold 10:00 am on the second Thursday of every month in your calendar for the T&L conversations for the rest of the term.

Those dates are:
Sept 13
Oct 11
Nov 8
Dec 13

Topics will be forthcoming, and ideas are welcomed.

If you have any ideas, post below or email: nvanhout@sfu.ca