Canvas Workshop#2: Canvas Quick Start

Dear Colleagues,

The second Canvas workshop “Canvas Quick Start” is taking place Tuesday, May 28 in the FHS Board Room in Blusson Hall Room 11021 from noon – 1:00pm. The session will build on the first (introduction to Canvas) and will prepare you to do basic functions in Canvas:

  1. add a student to your Sandbox
  2. send a message
  3. start a discussion in Canvas
  4. upload a file to Canvas Files
  5. create an assignment group
  6. create an assignment
  7. know where to go to troubleshoot Canvas.

To prepare for the session (see technical note below from Robin Schell):

  1. Create your course shell for your credit course by going to the Canvas URL.
  2. Create a sandbox to work in for this session. The instructions on how to create a shell for a calendar course or sandbox are here.
See you at the session!