SABER Impressions, Day 3

Yesterday everyone looked excited and bright.  Today people were a little bleary eyed and the level of energy has dropped. Perhaps it has to do with the very loud thunderstorm that woke me out of a deep sleep at 4am. In spite of that, the morning session covered some very valuable concepts.  One thing I really appreciate about this conference is that all the talks are very concise and articulate. This is the benefit of watching professional educators. These people know how to communicate.

I am looking for a tool that will assess whether students gain skills in scientific reasoning after interventions that I use in my class. Today’s session brought several instruments to my attention that I may be able to use in HSCI 100 – Human Biology. As a bonus, these tests may be less labor intensive than the approach I am currently using and less subjective. Ultimately, I will have to do my homework to see which of these tools best suits my purposes. Here are some possibilities:



Q4B at UBC:

Nienke van Houten