Jan 21 – Jim Bizzocchi-”Explorations of the Moving Image”

“Explorations of the Moving Image”

Jim Bizzocchi


The moving image is a powerful instrument, capable of engaging viewers through a variety of creative channels.  These include visual composition, sound effects, music, thematic content, storytelling, the moving camera, special effects – and others as well.  However, many film scholars would claim that cinema’s particular strength is in the sequencing of images and sound. Our Generative Media Project (which includes SFU colleagues Pasquier, Eigenfeldt, and Calvert, as well as colleagues from the MIT Open Documentary Lab) is currently developing and integrating computational systems to generatively sequence and combine image, music, and soundscape elements into a coherent audiovisual flow.

The Colloquium presentation will present my perspective on this research-creation project, and situate this work in my own history of creative and scholarly exploration.  This history will highlight a series of issues that have been and are being addressed.   These issues include the relationship between technology and media experience, the role of ambient visual experience, the challenges and contradictions of generative art creation, and the ongoing dialectic between immediacy and hypermediacy.  I will also discuss our project’s future work, including a new form of documentary expression, and the role of “narrativity” rather than traditional storytelling.


Jim Bizzocchi’s research interests include interactive narrative, the evolving aesthetics of the moving image, and the development of computational video sequencing systems. His moving image research examines the effect of new technologies on the visual expressivity of cinematic art: including the use of split-screens, layered imagery, shot transitions, and stereoscopic cinema.  His work in interactive narrative examines the design of narrative within electronic games and other computational environments.  His core scholarly methodology is textual analysis – the disciplined application of close-reading in order to deconstruct and explicate the creative design of media artifacts.  His research agenda also includes the creation of original media works.  Jim is an award winning and widely exhibited video artist working in the emerging genre of Ambient Video art and installation.  He has extended this work through the development of a computationally-driven video presentation and sequencing system.  He is the PI on a SSHRC research/creation grant to further develop the capabilities of this project to become an “open documentary” system for the presentation of computationally-sequenced and semantically-coherent audiovisual experience.  His artistic creation and his scholarly explorations work within a synergistic dynamic – each direction informs and is informed by the other.


• Ambient Video Website:  <www.ambientvideo.ca>

Mediascape (Generative Media Project artwork) website:  <http://www.sfu.ca/~bizzocch/mediascape/>

• Discussion of Bizzocchi’s Ambient Video and generative video:  <http://vagueterrain.net/journal20/jim-bizzocchi/01>


When: Wednesdays from 12:30-2:20 pm, Jan 14
Where: SUR 5380.

All are welcome to attend!