Feb 18 Steve DiPaola_ Face, Portrait, Mask: The Virtual Face as a Science/Art Medium

Face, Portrait, Mask: The Virtual Face as a Science/Art Medium

In our new digital and virtual age – how can we better understand and take full interactive/digital advantage of the most social and communicative surface:  the face. DiPaola will explain the science of the face ( how it came to be, …) as well as discuss new digital tools and processes for expressing with the virtual face and body – in science, entertainment, art and health.

Steve DiPaola    -  -
- Director: SFU Cognitive Science Program;  Assoc Prof:

- Interactive Arts & Technology (SIAT)    - Simon Fraser University -
- –  research:     http://ivizlab.sfu.ca/research
-  art gallery:    www.dipaola.org/gallery

Steve DiPaola, active as an artist and a scientist, is director of the Cognitive Science Program at Simon Fraser University and leads the iVizLab (ivizlab.sfu.ca), a research lab that strives to make computational systems bend more to the human experience by incorporating biological, cognitive, and behavior knowledge models.