Accessing the CSIL labs accounts from your home

Hi all,

You  asked:

>> could someone tell me what to type in to be able to use the remote desktop.

>> thanks !

As explained and demonstrated in class, you need to connect remotely via the “Remote  Desktop Connection” application. This application should be available in your machine from the “Start button” (if in Windows) – also you can search for it typing “remote” and/or among all the programs installed in your machine. It  should be available in a Mac as well.

Once in the remote desktop application you will be asked to provide the name of a machine to connect to. Use: The name of this machine is in the Links and References section in the course website as well. Once you enter in the leto  machine you will be asked for your user account and password, exactly as if you are physically at the labs. For more details or questions feel free to ask at the labs or office hours.

Cheers,  Diana.

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