Assignment #4 part 1 deadline moved 12 hours. Reminder office hours on Wednesday 27

Dear all,

(this message is being  sent via email to the class and posted as announcement in the course website)

1) Please notice that today Wednesday 27  my office hours will be from 1 to 2. I will be in my office or labs depending on the needs.
Additionally, and as usual, today Wednesday TAs will be available in the labs for consultation from 12:30 to 2:30.

2) Some people have asked to submit the assignment #4 first part a bit later, the reason being that many people have several midterms this week. I understand that everyone is on the same boat on this, so I can provide this extension to all or to no-one.

So the whole class can have 12:00 more hours and thus the deadline is moved to Thursday February 28, 10:00 am. Notice that this deadline is strict, and after such I will post solutions and any solutions that you submit in Codewrite after that time will not count for points.

Once the solutions are posted I highly recommend those of you who could not solve some exercises to check and compare the posted solutions and check your peers solutions as well. Keep in mind that in solving these exercises you are preparing for the quiz as well.