Readings, notes and examples by week and topic

All posts associated to readings, brief notes and examples are grouped by week and topic and linked from here. Labs exercises are also included in the approximate relevant topic.

Notice that the readings may contain material not discussed in class, and likewise, additional material to what is recommended and posted here will be discussed in the lectures. This page will be updated as the information is posted and the course progresses.

Unless otherwise specified, the two main sources of readings will be the Distance Education Study Guide (abbreviated as DistEd) and the Think Python book (abbreviated as ThinkPy), both available on line for free.

Readings classified as “[optional]” indicate that the material/topic will not be tested, but they are provided as recommended complementary material.

Weeks 1,2
Introduction to the course
Readings Notes : wk 1.2- Introduction, Algorithms (1 and 2.ppt)
Algorithms, Programming Languages, basics, Variables, Expressions

Labs week #2

Notes: wk 1.3 – Algorithms, first Python example (1B, and 3.ppt)

Notes: wk 2.1 – Variables and expressions (4.ppt)

Notes: wk 2.2 – Observations Labs wk2, Expressions (5.ppt)

Basics (cont.): Different types  of expressions, Strings, numbers, user input, built-in functions and methods
Same as readings above

Summarized Tables: built-in operations and methods

Notes: wk 2.3 – For loop very brief, String Expressions (5B.ppt)
Week 3
More about expressions: String, numeric and Boolean expressions. Functions and methods. User input.


Labs week #3

Notes: wk3.1 – raw_input, input, functions and methods (6 and 6B.ppt)
Defining Functions. IF  statements (in class brief for now, more later)

Readings 1, Readings 2

Labs week #4

Notes: wk3.2 – numeric expressions, defining functions (7.ppt)
Week 4
Defining Functions (cont.). First examples with the turtle module
Labs week #4
Notes: wk3.3 -  placement vs. Order execution. Turtle first examples ( 7B and 8.ppt, examples)

Notes : Wk 4.1 – More about turtles, boolean expressions (8B and 9.ppt, examples)

Notes: Wk4.2 – Boolean Expressions (cont.) (9B.ppt)

Quiz #1
Notes: Wk4.2 – Topics so far, before Quiz 1 (10.ppt)

Quiz#1 exercises and solution

Week 5
Returning vs. printing. Introduction to Codewrite

Notes: Wk5.1 -Distinctions.Intro Codewrite (11.ppt)
Control Structures. Flowchart diagrams, conditional statements (if statements), Definite Repetition (for loops), Nesting structures. Tracing execution

Solutions Lab exercises week #4

Notes: Wk5.2 and Wk5.3, Flowcharts, if statements, for loops (12 and  13.ppt)
Reading break
Week 6
Continuing with control structures, for loops, examples, Concepts associated to examples. Repetitive accumulation, Linear search, Roles of variables, ‘FLAG’ variable
Same as above

Solutions Lab exercises week #5

Solutions Lab exercises week #6

Notes and examples. Wk 6.1 and 6.2  (14,15 and 16.ppt)

Notes and examples. Wk 6.3 (16B.ppt)

Week 7
Swapping variables, Nested for loops, first encounter. For loops examples.
See Lab exercises week 6
Notes and examples. Wk 7.1 and Wk 7.2 More examples (17. and 18.ppt)
Quiz #2

Quiz and solutions
Weeks  8,9
While loops

See Lab exercises week #7

Notes and examples While loops vs. for loops, vs if. Limit cases. Counter controlled. Trace by hand (19,20,21. ppt)
Note sand examples While loops, counter controlled, event controlled (22.ppt)

Notes and examples While loops, one-two conditions, interruptions, structured programming (23, 24.ppt)

Notes and examples. While loops, two conditions, Modular Programming. Functions in more depth (25.ppt, example)

Week 10
Scope of Variables, Global and Local variables
Notes and examples. Scope of variables. Examples and boxes diagram (26, 27, 27completed.ppt)

Midterm and solutions
Weeks 11, 12 (includes Easter holidays)
Readings Notes and examples. Lists, Lists vs. strings, Mutability of lists (28.ppt)

Announcements in class (29 and 31B.ppt)

Notes and examples. Swapping, aliases, passage of lists as parameters (30 and 31.ppt)

Notes and examples. passage of lists as parameters, cont. (31.2.ppt)

Notes and examples. Successive concatenation of lists, visualization of lists (graphical modeling), lists of lists (32, 33 and 34.ppt)

Week 13
Brief: Binary  numbers. Analysis of algorithms. Sorting.
Readings Notes and examples. Binary numbers (35.ppt)

Notes and examples. Representation information (35B.ppt), Time Complexity (36.ppt)

Notes and examples. Time complexity, comparing algorithms, calculating order, sorting brief, announcements (36B,37,38 and 39.ppt)