Codewrite down temporarily and other announcements

Dear all,

(this message is being sent via email and posted in the course website)

1) Codewrite has been down today so far. Hopefully this is a temporary problem. I have already contacted the Codewrite people and will  keep you posted.

2) In the meantime,  as you were told during labs today, you may work on the Codewrite exercises for assignment #5.1  in the IDLE environment; you have the questions descriptions posted.

3) Just in case, since you are not able to momentarily look at the test cases keep in mind that  the countUntilDouble(…)  function should check for *consecutive* characters that are the same.

4) Another clarification (as announced in class): the flowchart diagram asked for assignment #5.1 is the top level corresponding to the whole “golden opportunity” game.

5) Notice that today’s class notes are already posted, and also some additional exercises for you to explore. You may want to work with these notes.

6) The midterm topics and cheat sheet characteristics are already posted.