Codewrite is up again! – Assignment #5.1 deadline moved to Thursday March 21 noon.

Dear all,

(This message is being sent via email and also announced in the course website)

Codewrite is up again!

The university  of Auckland in New Zealand, where Codewrite is running, had a major power outage and they are gradually bringing back to life the various systems in the whole university. They were out of email for hours as well. I was  informed that this recovery process is taking a couple days.

CodeWrite (and another similar system also developed there) has tens of thousands active users worldwide, and we were all in the same situation  – quite an interesting situation if you think about it!

They did however consider this situation and Codewrite  as urgently needed  and the system is up again!

As for how this affects our course: In consideration of this situation, the deadline for assignment #5 part 1 is moved to Thursday March 21 noon, thus postponing the deadline as many hours as Codewrite was down.