Assignment #5.1, flowchart and Codewrite components submissions clarifications

Dear all,

(this is emailed to the class and also posted in the course website)

Since several of you  are consulting about submission details about assignment 5.1, flowchart component, I would like to send via email the following clarifications.
(These clarifications had been announced in class and in the course website as well)

1) The flowchart to be submitted corresponds to the top level of the “golden opportunity ” game

2) To submit the flowchart for assignment #5.1 you need to **compress** the file you have created with the diagram (be it a pdf, jpeg, png , etc), and upload in Coursys the compressed format.
In Windows, you may compress a file by listing it in the file explorer and then right clicking on it and that will give you the option to compress.

3) The deadline for the assignment 5.1 Codewrite component was moved because of the technical problems with the university where Codewrite is, as explained in the email to the class, in the website and in class. The flowchart component did not have any technical problem of the sort , so the flowchart deadline was not moved, as also explained in class and in the website.

4) Just in case these two previous items (2) and (3) may have caused some confusion, the following will be done to allow people to still submit the flowchart also by the codewrite component deadline (tomorrow Thursday 21 at noon) but yet providing an incentive to those who submitted on time by the original deadline:

a) Anyone who submitted the flowchart by the original deadline (today Wednesday at 9:00 pm) gets a 10% bonus in the assignment 5.1  flowchart part points.
b) Anyone who submits the flowchart after the original deadline but before the codewrite component deadline ( before Thursday 21 noon) can still submit – but gets no bonus points.
c) After a solution  is posted no submission will be accepted. The solution of assignment 5.1, both the flowchart and the codewrite functions  will be posted immediately after the deadline tomorrow Thursday 21 at noon.