Survey – Deadline: Friday March 29, 8:00 PM – (Bonus points) Reflecting: a few weeks before the semester is over…

Dear all,

(This message is sent via email and posted in the course website)

A survey is now available for our class.  There will be another survey , similar to this one, at the end of the semester. You can fill this is until this Friday March 29, 8:00 PM. Your feedback should be useful for self-reflection and also will get you bonus points as explained below. Your feedback is certainly also appreciated.

The deadline is the same as the AEP report. Only those who did NOT participate in the AEP workshops are invited to do the AEP report to get the AEP points.

This “reflections” survey is INDEPENDENT of the AEP and will provide bonus points for anyone in the class. Follow the instructions and fill in directly in:

Cheers,  Diana


The following is also included in the consent form, at the start of the survey:

SURVEYS OBJECTIVES: Responding to these surveys should be useful for your own self-reflection. As well, with these surveys the instructor seeks to collect feedback that is important in polishing this and future courses.

POINTS: By completing this and the end of semester survey you will receive 1 % bonus points in the course (0.5% each survey).   Notice that you can choose to complete the surveys without responding to some or all of the questions (except those used to identify you so that you get the points).

ANONYMITY: This survey uses the WebSurvey System, a SFU secure survey server. Your ID will be collected at the end of all of your responses to provide you with the points; however, the survey is organized so that your answers and your ID cannot be connected.  Therefore, your responses will remain anonymous and independent of your student ID but you will still get the points.

FURTHER INFORMATION: For more information   contact your instructor Diana Cukierman (

Leave a comment below if you have questions