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We will be programming with the Python programming language in this course.

You can use Python in the CSIl labs and/or download Python for free: DOWNLOAD Python for all operating systemsDownload version 2.7.3 .

IDLE (Integrated Development Environment for Python)

It is recommended that you use the Python “Integrated Development Environment” IDLE.
This is installed when Python is installed. You can start IDLE from the START button:
Left click on Start → All Programs → Python 2.7.3 → IDLE (Python GUI)

Text books

The required texts are all available in the internet and can be downloaded for free.

Some additional Python references

AEP (Academic Enhancement Program)

As a CMPT 120 student you are required to attend one of the AEP 101 workshop sessions run especially for your class. For more details about the AEP and to register visit the AEP website. Registrations are not open yet.


We will use CodeWrite for authoring and solving Python lab exercises and assignments, as will be announced.

CSIL  Computing Science Instructional Labs

Labs will take place at CSIL. To enter the CSIL labs rooms you need to use your own access card. If you have a card from a previous semester that will work fine. Access cards for the CSIL Labs are available from the Access Control Office, located at WM (west Mall ) 3101. As well, you will have a CSIL account (separate from your university account but with the same account name and  password).

Accessing your account from the labs and from home

You will be able to access your CSIL account directly in the  labs and remotely from  home as well (remote desktop login to For information about using the CSIL labs and its software  check: CSIL information and FAQ


CourSys will be used to submit some assignments and projects. Coursys also will be used to keep track of the  grades that you obtain for all your activities in the course, independent of how they were submitted.

Emails sent to the class

You can access emails that have been sent to the class here.

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